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Sculptures from sand

     An art of sand sculpture emerged in the USA in mid-80-th, last century. Washed by three oceans, this country has long sandy beaches, and of course the sculptors having seen such a plenitude of natural material couldn't help but try to make sculptures out of it. And they succeeded!

      The art of sand sculpture developed very rapidly. Since 1990 Harrison Hot Springs hosts an annual World Sand Sculpture Championship.

 Барри Свайрс           Participating in our Winter Ice and Snow Sculpture Festivals our close friend, sculptor Barri Swires used to tell a lot about sand sculptures, showed pictures and persuaded us to try and make such a contest in Russia.

            In 1994 during  Victor Chernyshev's trip to Portland (Oregon, USA), Barri Swires included him into an American team, which took part in Sand Sculpture Contest at Canon Beach (Oregon, USA). The same year Victor Chernyshev got an invitation from Bob Bell – the organizer of the World Sand Sculpture Championship in Harrison Hot Springs (Canada) - to participate in the "Solo" category of the Championship.

And two years in a row Victor participated in the "Solo" category of the World Championship, learning the skills of sand sculpture creation and studying from the best carvers of the world.первая российская песчаная скульптура

            Since 1996 a team of Russian sand sculptors headed by Victor Chernyshev 6 times took part in the World Championships. 10 Russian carvers – members of this team grew into the world class sand carvers.

            The First International Sand Sculpture Contest took place in Russia in July, 1996 at a small island on Grebnoy Canal ( rowing canal) in Krylatskoye (Moscow).  Barri Swires gave a master class and taught Russian carvers the skills of the sand sculpture.


             Since then sand sculptures grew here and there across Russia and many of the ice and snow carvers started practicing sand sculpture in Summer.

            Now Moscow, St. Petersburg, Anapa, Surgut, Petrozavodsk, Nakhodka, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Samara, Vladivostok, Irkutsk and other Russian cities host different sand sculpture contests.


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Spheres of activity of Russian Association of Snow, Ice and Sand sculptors
Spheres of activity of Russian Association of Snow, Ice and Sand sculptors

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