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Sculptures from ice

Take a look at the art of ice sculptures, introduced in Russia and successfully developed throughout its twenty year  history by "Vjugovey" Culture Center - the leader of ice sculpture production in Russia.

Interior Ice Sculpture – will be a sign of deepest respect to guests and a symbol of special exquisitness and  prestige.

Functional Ice Sculpture will help you better and elegantly serve drinks, seafood, berries, fruits, ice-cream.

Combined with live flowers, decorative candles, baloons and pyrotechnics, ice sculptures will turn your celebration into an exeptional festivity, will show your company, banquet hall, restaurant or territory of the event to it's best advantage, especially in Summer.

Using our long-lasting experience, we are offering our services in holding festivals, contests, promo actions, corporate parties and festive dinners, jubilees and weddings, in shooting  promo and music video clips, in decorating parks, squares or disricts  of a city.

The sculptors of the "Vjugovey" Culture Center, among whom are the winners of the World and Russian Championships, prizeholders of International Contests will carve for you unique ice and snow compositions. We will deliver and adjust them at the place you choose, will light it up and dismantle it afterwards.

At the request of our clients we would make an exclusive outdoor commercial from ecologically pure materials - ice and snow.

Any style… Any size… Any time during the year!

Ice Chess in London

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Spheres of activity of Russian Association of Snow, Ice and Sand sculptors
Spheres of activity of Russian Association of Snow, Ice and Sand sculptors

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